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Always envied those with pretty French braids? Wish you knew how to do one yourself??
It’s your lucky day… follow the 7 easy steps & you will be braiding like the pros in no time!
You are welcome!

22894315_495054374201607_8871129143332609481_nDid you know that having a lazy hair day and skipping that shampoo session this morning is actually what’s best for your locks?
The better option is to not shampoo your hair every day so your tresses can use their 
nautral oils to help stay moisturized. Listen to your hair, it will show you when it’s time for a good scrub! So go ahead and skip the shampoo & hit that snooze button, you know you want to!


We told you that skipping that shampoo every day was the best for your hair! Now for those days when it’s time to scrub a dub!
Here are some comparisons on what impact the temperature of your water can make on your locks… choose wisely


How often should you get a haircut?
We typically say it depends on the cut… 
For shorter styles; pixie cuts, men’s short cuts.. 3-4 weeks.
For longer styles we recommend 6-8 weeks between trims.
Be sure you are regularly getting haircuts no matter which side you are on, short or long… keep that hair healthy! 


Feel like you have limp, lifeless hair where your beautiful volume boosted tresses used to be?
Be sure to get rid of the yucky build up of everyday care with a good cleansing. From the minerals in your water, to your awesome professional products.. these things can build up over time on your strands causing them to become heavy and lay flatter to your head.
Pop in for a quick Deep Cleansing treatment to remove all of the sludge & get back to that bouncy beautiful style that you love again.


Davines’ This is a Shimmering Mist…Add a velvety texture to your hair with our Shimmering Mist that will keep your hair light, has an excellent anti-frizz effect and perfect control of the electrostatic effect. The formula is paraben-free and with no added colorings.
Stop by for a free demo of this product and many more!


After getting your hair colored, the biggest question we receive is… how do you keep the haircolor from fading? Well here are a few tips from the professionals:
– Be sure to use a color care shampoo and conditioner
– Do not use excessive heat
– Keep your hair moisturized and healthy with conditioning treatments – Wash your hair less frequently & with cold water – Have your stylist apply a gloss over your color
– Make sure to schedule regular appointments to have your roots retouched – If blond colors or highlights have a brassy or dulling effect over time, have your stylist apply a toner between color services


When switching your summer clothes over to your more warm winter attire…don’t forget to switch your shampoo, conditioner and other daily products to a more moisturizing haircare regimen. Your hair can get dry or brittle just as you can see with the change in your skin during the winter months. Giving it more moisture tends to prevent dryness, breakage, and even static.
Davines’ OI product line (pictured) has just a few haircare products that our stylist at Mirror Salon recommend to help prepare you for this season. This line is a more natural alternative to add the oils and moisture, your hair could be lacking. Stop in & receive a free consult on ways to keep your hair healthy all year long.


Did you know??? You are not suppose to use a brush on wet hair. Instead pick up a wide tooth comb to prevent the pulling and damage that a brush can cause by stretching your damp ends


Let’s talk about what our water can do to our hair. Sometimes the water in our homes can deposit residue inside our hair shaft; making it dull, dry, brassy and more. This can be temporarily removed from your hair with a professional grade clarifying treatment, and a daily routine of haircare products to avoid any long term damage. Be sure to check with your stylist if you feel as if your having an issue with how your water at home is affecting your hair.

 On the seventh day…
Thinking of lightening up those dark locks? Keep in mind there may be a few stages to achieve the look you have chosen. Embrace the beautiful colors you get to wear to get where you are going!! It’s well worth the wait!!


Trying to grow your locks?! The biggest mistake people make when trying to grow their hair… not getting regular trims! I have heard many people say, “that’s a scam to keep you coming back”. This is far from a scam. Once your hair is split, or damaged at the end there is no real repair. Products can ‘band-aid’ but not fix. So be sure to schedule your haircuts regularly to have your hair brought back to life so you can have that long mane you have been hoping for!


Cute little tip for the ones who like to pin up their hair, insert your bobby pins with the textured side down towards your scalp. It will help hold your style much more secure!!

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